Staying Inspired: Find the light!

Recently Keith spent the morning out at Folly Beach with a guest and came home with this beautiful image.  Since the damage at Botany Bay, we've been spending more time at Folly capturing sunrises if we're wanting to include the ocean.  Although often overlooked, Folly has her charms if you know where to look.   Towards the end of the beach you'll find numerous wood and rock jetties that can add to your compositions if you tide is in your favor.  

Even while living in a beautiful place like Charleston, it can be hard to stay inspired when you see the same locations on a very regular basis.  No doubt you feel the same way about where you live.  Regardless of whether you've lived there all your life or only for a couple years, we become desensitized to the beauty that surrounds us.  

Light is one element Keith and I rely on to stay inspired.  Light has the power to dramatically change the mood, look and composition to a picture.   While a location may be very familiar to you, you might find your inspiration is renewed by the presence of a powerful sunrise or sunset. For us, we are fueled by a passion to capturing moments in nature that only God can create. 

So rather than watching the calendar for your next photo adventure to a new location try watching for a storm that's coming your way or billowing clouds that might mean a spectacular sunrise or sunset in your home town.   Remember, you have the home advantage because you know your area and you can easily navigate your way to a spot to make a beautiful image.  Use the familiarity of your home as a tool to equip you to capture amazing light.