Answers to some of our most frequently asked questions!

Do I get to choose my desired locations?
Absolutely! Prior to your tour or workshop, we will discuss your priorities. We will make suggestions based on those priorities and the elements for your time with us.
Is weather considered?
Always! It is part of our job to make sure you are provided the best possible conditions for capturing that award winning image. Weather is watched closely.
What happens if my tour/workshop gets rained out?
We are super easy to work with and will be happy to offer a FULL refund in the event your session is hindered by the inclement weather. If you have a little wiggle room within your itinerary, we can also move your scheduled tour/workshop to a different date. It's completely up to you!
Do you keep track of the tides for my desired date?
Yes. We watch the local tide chart for our area every day. If your tour or workshop takes us near the water, the level of the current tide is considered when making suggestions.
What is the difference between a tour and a workshop?
Both will provide hours of shooting and many locations. A tour is designed to get as many of your desired locations within the beautiful light that the Lowcountry provides in the morning or evening hours. A workshop, on the otherhand, is strictly about you, your gear and teaching how to capture an award winning image. We get you to many beautiful locations teaching composition, exposure, focusing techniques, white balance, histogram, filter usage, etc.
Are the Full-Day Tours and Workshops all day long?
Because the light provided during the middle of the day is just too harsh for shooting, we have broken our Full Day Tours and Workshops into two sections. If you have chosen one of these packages, we will pick you up from your hotel or rental well before sunrise and return you after your time of shooting in the morning. This will give you time to recharge, both yourself and your batteries, for the evening and spend some time with the family, if they have traveled with you. We will then pick you up late afternoon, for the sunset session, and return you after our time shooting into the late evening.
The price says "1 Non-Shooting Guest Included". Does this mean the price listed includes me + 1?
You betcha! The prices for all tours and workshops include a spouse, friend or family member without a camera and will receive no instruction. But, make sure they bring their cell phone along! They deserve to experience these beautiful locations with you!
Do I have to own a DSLR camera to go on tour with you?
Heck no! With today's technology, if you bring nothing but your phone, we will still experience many unique compositions resulting in amazing images ;-)
I know in order to shoot a sharp landscape image I should use a tripod. What if I don't own one?
That's ok! We have many tripods, specifically for our guest to use.
Can I borrow a tripod for the remainder of my time in Charleston?
Yes! We offer tripod rental for $25 / day and the guest must meet us in a medial location for drop off.
I don't have a cable release cord or a remote. Is that ok?
Yes! If available, you can just use the self timer built into the camera.
Do you welcome dogs that are traveling with us?
Heck yeah! If you read the "About Us' page, you'll notice we also have 4 legged kiddos. To us, they're family. So, we understand the importance of having them join in every activity possible. To be fair to those that may suffer from pet allergies, we do require those booking with pets to purchase a PRIVATE excursion.