5 Places to Photograph in Downtown Charleston

Whether you’re staying on one of the islands for multiple days, or your cruise ship has pulled into the port for a few hours, downtown has a lot to offer all photographers.  Below are a few of our locations we consider the best that our Holy City has to offer. 

Rainbow Row

Where:  79 – 107 East Bay Street

What makes this spot so unique is the gorgeous pastel colors of the row houses. What makes it equally as difficult to capture are the row of cars that are sure to be parked directly in front of the homes.  There are two ways to bypass the distraction of the vehicles.  First, you can stand along the sidewalk directly next to the buildings and shoot diagonally.  Second, you can cross the street, position yourself low to the ground and use the plant life on the opposite sidewalk to hide the vehicles.

Pineapple Fountain

Where:  Waterfront Park

Iconic to Charleston, this fountain is a symbol of our hospitality and the warm southern welcome you’ll receive when you come to visit our city.  We love to photograph this location before sunrise where you can watch the sun appear and burst through the clouds just behind the fountain.  If you arrive before sunrise, you may find the fountain hasn’t been turned on yet.  Just wait for it, the fountain will come alive as the dawn breaks.  Alternatively, this is a great long exposure shot (as seen here) that can be taken just after sunset and you’ll be guaranteed the fountain is flowing.  

Church Street

Where: Historic District

When you combine one of our favorite streets with the warm light of the shops in the late afternoon, we think this place is perfection.. A tripod will be needed, along with a lot of patience.  The photograph here was taken at 125 Church Street.  The length of Church Street is filled with photographic opportunities for window boxes, iron work, and shops as shown here.

8 Legare Street

Location: Historic District

Built in 1857, we love the charm of the entrance to this private residence.  If you’re lucky, you’ll find the gate open and photographic potential from the sidewalk.  Be respect the privacy of the owners when taking images of their homes. 

Iron Work of Legare Street & Charleston

Perhaps one of the icons Charleston is known for is it’s beautiful iron work that adorns our city.  You’ll find the pieces of art as gates, over windows and you may also notice what seems like a window from the sidewalk into a private garden.  This was known as a clairvoyee and was designed to allow folks to small glimpse into another world.

These are just a few of our favorites in downtown Charleston.  We hope during your next visit you’ll be able to look a few of these up and share your images with us.  In addition, during your next trip to Charleston, be sure to check out our half day and full day tours for an excursion that will take you off the beaten path and into an adventure. 

Until next time!