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Do you have a group or organization that would be interested in exploring the Lowcountry or Downtown Charleston with us? From cruise lines, local military and federal environmental organizations to photo clubs of all sizes, we’ve teamed up with many great groups showing off the beauty of the area and providing new knowledge to their eager members. Large discounts are available and based on the group size involved. For information on any of our offerings, please contact us using the form below. We’d love an opportunity to meet your group and ignite their creativity while establishing new and meaningful friendships!


Speaking Engagements

Keith and Tiffany are available for speaking engagements on various topics surrounding landscape and nature photography. Their entertaining, fun and passionate presentations are inspirational for all levels. Each presentation is tailored to meet the needs of each event and includes visuals and the stories behind some of their adventures. Their goal, for each event, is to have every single attendee walk away with something new. It doesn't hurt to have gained a few new friendships, too!

Current 2019 Calendar

Latest Topics

Below are just some of the topics that have recently been presented.

Want to learn just exactly how to capture that award winning photograph? This topic covers it all. The Exposure Triangle, proper use of your Histogram, composition, RAW vs JPEG and the benefit of filters are just a few of the essentials discussed.
In a new world of everyone having access to a camera, it can sometimes be difficult to capture a unique perspective and photograph. This topic discusses the "how's" and "why's" for establishing your own style.
A look at how one can stay inspired, grow in their art and feed their creativity, while establishing their own goals and visions. In addition, ideas for sharing their work, gaining exposure and leaving a mile marker to their legacy.
A beautiful capture can sometimes be all it takes to grab the eye of the audience. But, to have an exciting story as to what it took to get the capture can allow the viewer to engage emotionally with the scene, giving them a reason to never forget it and possibly purchase it...
We all want to grow in our photography, but discovering where to start can be tricky. Keith & Tiffany will show you the benchmarks of growth they have identified in their own journey, which they hope will help provide guidance to you as you move forward to greater photographic experiences.

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To book a speaking engagement or discuss group opportunities, use the contact form to the right or contact us by phone at (843) 872-3011. We would be honored to meet your group and share what has inspired us through the love of landscape photography.

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