20 Christmas Ideas For Your Photographer

Shopping for anyone can be tough, but especially adults.  This year, to help you with gift ideas we put together a list of 20 of our favorite things that we think would make amazing Christmas gifts for your photographer.  

Petzl - Tikka XP Headlamp 180 Lumens - $49.95

Photography Level:  Any

Best Use:  Hiking to your location during the night can be unsafe, even if you know the trail.  Having a headlamp such as this will keep your hands free, and your vision clear to see what’s ahead of you. 


Photography Level:  Any

Best Use:  Even in Charleston, SC during winter our hands can get cold from the air coming off the ocean.   For all other locations this product is just a no brainer. 


Photography Level:  Any

Best Use:  Whether you’re hiking as a couple, with friends, or in a photography workshop, never worry about getting lost from your group.  This is a great safety piece for your photographer.


Photography Level:  Any

Best Use:  As with the headlamp, sometimes you’re trekking over uneven ground, over roots, and in precarious conditions.   These waterproof boots will keep your feet dry and your footing sure.


Photography Level:  Intermediate to Advanced

Best Use:  We love the Nisi Filter Holder System.  This is a top quality product that will make turning your circular polarizer a breeze while your square filters are mounted.

Photography Level:  Any

Best Use:  With landscape photography, we want maximum sharpness.  One way we achieve that is making sure our camera is totally still.  When we saw this product at Photo Plus in October, we just had to have one of our own.

Photography Level: Any

Best Use:  To keep warm!  Brrrrr.  And we love this color!



Photography Level:  Intermediate to Advanced

Best Use:  If you love textures, painting and photography this is the program for you. It's sure to provide hours of creative fun!  

Slik Lite CF-422 - $304.95

Photography Level:  Any

Best Use:  This is one of our very favorite travel tripods of all time.  It’s carbon fiber material makes it incredibly light weight, and we think the light at the end of the center column is pretty dang cool. 


Photography Level:  Intermediate to Advanced

Best Use:  Tiff can’t live without hers for post processing.  You attach this to your computer so that you can make small micro adjustments in your post processing workflow and detailed brush strokes. 

Photography Level:  Any

Best Use:  A tent that glows?  Need we say more….


Velvet 56 - $499.00

Photography Level:  Any 

Best Use:  This has long been on Tiff’s wish list.  Create beautiful, ethereal macro photos with lens.



Photography Level:  Intermediate - Advanced

Best Use:  The Nisi filter system is a stellar product with minimal to no color casting, and superb manufacturing. 

Photography Level:  Any

Best Use:  If you want a unique way to show off your images, we can’t recommend this digital frame enough.  The frame adjusts to the ambient light in the room and is by far is the most impressive digital frame we’ve ever seen.  The frame is also controlled by an app on your smartphone or tablet.  This would be great in your home or office.

Photography Level:  Serious beginner - Advanced

Best Use:  It’s Really Right Stuff.  Spend the money once, and it will be the last tripod you’ve ever purchased. 

Helpful Hint:  If you’ve been debating on purchasing a RRS tripod, act soon.  Prices are increasing by 5 – 10% come January 2017.


Phantom 4 Drone - $1,499.00

Photography Level:  Anyone interested in flying drones and areal photography.

Best Use:  We don’t even think this needs an explanation……it’s just that cool.

Photography Level:  Any

Best Use:  It’s pretty common knowledge that when Tiff got her hands on the Fujifilm, she never looked back.  If you want gorgeous color straight out of camera, this is the one for you.  This camera also includes the 18-55mm lens, which is the most common lens that Tiff uses in the field. 


Photography Level:  Any

Best Use:  Again, this one probably doesn’t need much of an explantation. 



Photography Level:  Intermediate - Advanced

Best Use:  Invite Tiff over so she can drool over your new toy.  Seriously though, not only can you use a pen to make detailed brush strokes and adjustments in your post processing, but you can do so by having a screen on the tablet so you know exactly where you’re making the adjustments.

Photography Level:  Come One, Come All

Best Use: If you love adventure and have a desire to do more with your photography, come join us on any our 2017 adventures.  We’d love to have you!!